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Bill Mueller taking a photo in Yellowhouse Canyon with a 4X5 camera.

Welcome to the home of Bill Mueller Photography.

I have a group of portfolios of fine art and nature photography to browse through, along with a bit of information about how I do my photography, and then there is also my Paleo Field Notes.

I’ll be including portfolios from a number of my different exhibits and series. New photographic portfolios and rotation of the works in the portfolios will take place occasionally. Updates have been neglected recently as I was finishing my dissertation for my Ph.D.; however, now that it is finished my updates should be more regular.

My photographic portfolios provide a variety of subjects, styles, and media that help illustrate how I view my world. I strive to capture in my images the beauty of my world that evoke the emotions within me. 

In my opinion, art does not have to depict something negative, ugly, shocking, or the banality of someone’s life to give it meaning. An image that evokes emotion in a person can make a very strong statement about the world they live in, even if that emotion is created because of beauty. When I see a subject that stirs emotions in me, I struggle to create an image that will capture the emotions that the subject has caused. 

To me life is a great adventure: 

excavating Triassic reptiles, 
prospecting for gold, 
hiking the wilderness, 
watching the full moon illuminate the curves a woman. 
I search for the rush of the emotions created by what I see. Capturing the natural beauty of my world is what I strive to do; whether I am capturing a close-up of a sunset reflecting in the eye of a rattlesnake, the intense power of a storm, or the inspiring visions of a woman.

Come be inspired by my world.


 Bill Mueller Photography Portfolios

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