Wilhelm Künstler

Kunstler's self portrait
Künstler self-portrait

Künstler's works are frequently subtle in the meaning and motivation behind them.

Wilhelm Künstler's works continuously undergo change as his moods, vision, and  inspirations change.  He has been creating artwork almost forty years, winning his first jurored art exhibit with some of the realistic wildlife art he created during the late 1960's.  During the 1970's, most of his works were commissioned portraits; however, during the 1980's, Wilhelm went back to creating art for his own enjoyment.  He has spent the past two decades on improving his work and utilizing various media to capture not only his traditional subjects but also the female form.  He has won awards for not only his two-dimensional and three-dimensional art, but also for his writing. 

For many years he had ceased to exhibit his artwork publicly, but he has recently began exhibiting his artworks again. 

    Künstler has been inspired by his travels in the Caribbean and Central and Western Mexico, but the central US from the northern Rocky Mountains to the Big Bend of West Texas inspire him most. 
     An artist colleague once reflected that Wilhelm's German heritage isn't represented in his art, but it definitely is represented in his eating and drinking.  He enjoys the pleasures and beauty in the world that surrounds him.  He tries to work outdoors as much a possible.  He doesn't mind spending time working alone, nor does it bother him to have a number of artists working alongside. 
     Wilhelm uses a wide variety of  media for his art depending upon the subject and effect he is trying to create.  He is experimenting more and more with photography and computer generated images because of his colleague Bill Mueller; however, their photography is very different even though they often photograph the same subject matter.

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