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Friends and associates whose work you may also enjoy viewing.

Wilhelm Künstler self-portrait photo
© 2002 Wilhelm Künstler
Wilhelm Künstler

Wilhelm Künstler creates a wide variety of artwork from graphics to contemporary installation art. His subjects vary greatly; however, his favorite is also the female form.

Joe Miller 
fine-art  photography

Portfolios of excellent fine art photography focusing on landscapes and still lifes. Included are some of Eddie Jo Miller's wonderful handtinted images.

Photo of Hatboxes by Joe Miller
© Joe Miller

Portrait of Susan Nall by Bill Mueller
Susan Nall 
©  Bill Mueller
Susan Nall

Portfolios of beautifully done watercolors and graphics.  I have had the pleasure of watching her develop into a truly excellent watercolorists.

(photo close-up)


 Bill Parker's blogsite. Bill is the paleontologist for the Petrified Forest National Park. This is a very informative blogsite. 

Photo of Bill Parker

Photograph of Lesley Sawyer in the badlands off of the caprock by Bill Mueller.
Lesley Sawyer 
©  Bill Mueller
Lesley Sawyer
A young woman with a beautiful voice.  She may be best known by most people for singing on a Fiest commercial, but you should hear her sing in person.

(photo close-up)

Glenn Johnson

Glenn Johnson is a photographer known for his still lifes, landscapes, and scenics.  His wife, Joanne, is known for her beautifully hand-tinted images.

Glenn Johnson on location in the canyons of Utah.
Glenn Johnson 
©  Joanne Johnson


The TNLD have been drawing as a group for almost 40 years and the ranks include numerous professional artists in the past and today. I have only been a member for 25 years.

Prep Lounge

Blog by Matthew Brown, preparator a the Texas Memorial Museum. He also has the website on fossil prep, informative and entertaining

Matthew Brown
Now there are lots of other friends and sites that you might be interested in viewing.  For an "art" site you might find some of the links a bit unusual; however, if you look closely (and are a bit psychic) you may see how they all fit together........... somehow. 
more links

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