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Since I have varied interests, I find myself being stretched in many different directions doing many things more and more. Here are links to some of my friends, interests, and favorite sites. If you want to find out what I have been doing recently, be sure to check out my Field Notes. I had been working on finishing my dissertation and haven't been doing much art, so my website has been neglected somewhat lately.
The Changing World:  Dinosaurs, Diversity, and Drifting Continents, the Museum of Texas Tech's "Dino Hall".  The exhibits include a number of fossils that originated from the Lubbock region. Also, the globe showing continental drift is very cool. The Ice Age on the Southern Plains exhibit shows extinct animals of the Llano Estacado during the ice age.  

These paleontology sites may be of use to you: Petrified Forest National Park, Arlington Archosaur SiteMineral Wells Fossil Park, TMM Paleontology Lab, UCMP collections, CASC, the Bernard Price Institute for Palaeontological Research, and the Whiteside Museum at Seymour, Texas.

A very informative, interesting, and thought provoking blog site is Bill Parker's Chinleana. He also regularly posts updates on new Triassic publications. Also check out Oliver Rauhut's blog Mesozoic Vertebrates. Check out Andrew Milner's postings at theSt. George Dinosaur Discovery Site. Scott Hartman's website/blog should also be listed under my art links. Very nice work. If you are searching for paleo publications, Jerry Harris has links to many journals. Also check out Rebecca Hunt's website.  It has lots of paleo information and an exellent assortment of links. 

If you would like to view more art in person, go to the Museum of Texas Tech University. The Diamond M Galleries (including paintings by N. C. Wyeth), the Davies Gallery of Southwest Indian Art, and on a more scientific level, The Changing World:  Dinosaurs, Diversity, and Drifting Continents and the new Ice Age Exhibit. The globe in the Changing World exhibit showing continental drift through time is very cool!

If you would like to view more art in Lubbock, Texas, go to the Louise Hopkins Underwood Center for the Arts, the Lubbock Garden and Arts Center, the International Cultural Center, and the Buddy Holly Center.  If you are in Abilene, go to the The Grace Museum.  Don't forget about the First Friday Art Trail. where you can visit unique gallery spaces.  On the first Friday of each month a number of galleries (including most of the ones above) are open in the evening (maps and schedules may be picked up at any of the venues including the Museum of TTU) and trollies can take you to many of the venues. You can also check out my Art Notes. I am getting back to work on my art and photography, participating regularly again with the Tuesday Night Life Drawers.

If you need photographic supplies go to Armadillo Camera.  For a wealth of photographic links to art sites and to informative sites check out my friend Joe Miller's website.  Joe is an excellent photographer and an excellent friend who I have privileged to know and photograph with for almost three decades.  Joe has an excellent website and many good links.  I don't want to steal all his links and duplicate them, so go see Joe.  You can check out another friend's website, Wyman Meinzer, the reknowned wildlife and nature photographer. Another excellent photographer and friend is Glenn Johnson.  Check out some of Glenn's photography.  Another friend who I knew when she was getting started in photography and paleontology is Beth Davidow.  Beth now travels the world working in nature videography.  So check them out. If you would like to visit some other photo websites, there is a wide variety that you might find of interest to be found at the Photography Network.

The Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day was Sunday, April 30, 2017. You can view the images in the WPPD Gallery.

You might find some of my artist/photographer friends websites and webpages interesting: Marian Steele, Susan Nall, Carol Howell, Paul Milosevich, Ann McDonald, and Renee Steger Simpson. Marian is getting her photographic art career started and has been invited to participate in numerous exhibits.

If you are looking for some local musicians to listen to, check out a couple of people I am pleased to call my friends, Lesley Sawyer and Andy Wilkinson.  Lesley has her CD, Dirt, on sale. You should check out both of their webpages to see where they are performing this week.

Two of my favorite places to go are Caprock Canyons State Park  and Big Bend National Park. They are great places for photography, to hike around, and to contemplate your navel.  If you are in Lubbock and want to hike, view some wildlife, and even learn something interesting; try the Lubbock Lake Landmark. Supporting the South Plains Wildlife Rehabilitation Center is always a good way to support nature.

If you are into birdwatching you probably already know about the Texas Ornithological Society.  The Llano Estacado Audubon Society covers birding in the South Plains.   

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