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December 24, 2006, Sunday.
            Wild and crazy week. Record high temperatures earlier in the week. Freezing rain Wednesday night and snow was predicted for the weekend but it missed.
            It is a crazy time but since I survived Death Week (Dec. 13-20), I have another trip around the sun to look forward to.
            I finished up some commissioned photos for Christmas presents and Künstler has been finished some commissioned jewelry. I got my Christmas shopping done early (what a shock!).
            Künstler and I have planned to get together over the holidays and get quite a bit of artwork done. He is also "supposed" to finish several drawings I need for manuscripts. I will believe that when I see them. I am trying to revise and finish four Paleo manuscripts for publication over the holidays, along with a presentation on my dissertation. I spent all day today (Dec. 23) working on the presentation, manuscripts, and preparing fossils.
            I took another photo as Santa Clause, but it just isn't the same since my beard got shaved.....so here is the old "Santa" image for Christmas.
            Too many friends to wish happiness to individually, but Happy Hanukkah to Gretchen and my other Jewish friends (even though it has passed), Merry Christmas to everyone....friends and family; and to the rest....what-ever floats your boat!
Santa Bill

December 17, 2006, Sunday.
            Sunday (Dec. 10) I worked primarily on some manuscripts. Gretchen came over Sunday afternoon to study for her Vert Paleo final. She came over again on Monday evening to study for her Vert Paleo Lab Final on Tuesday.
            Monday I received my copy of Murcielagos del Paraguay by Celia Lopez-GonzalezThe book contains 50-60 images I made of bat skulls.
            Saturday, I made a last moment Christmas present for a pretty, young lady (see right). Then I spent the rest of the day preparing fossils and working on manuscripts. 
A black and white photograph by Bill Mueller, Lubbock, Texas.

Black & White photograph by Bill Mueller, Lubbock, Texas

December 5, 2006, Tuesday.
            Last Tuesday was 70 degrees, snow Wednesday night, and a low of 17 Thursday. Sunday was barely above freezing and Monday was almost 60. West Texas weather.
            Gretchen and I made part of the First Friday Art Trail. Saw lots of friends that evening. We were lucky and were given some of the Miller's famous prickly-pear jelly. It is excellent!
            Things are getting busy with the end of the semester: final classes, final exams, trying to get things done, work, create some art, etc., etc. We haven't gone to the field since November 12. It is time to go. Lab work has been steady but with nothing spectacular going on the past couple of weeks.
            Tonight was the last time I get to work with the model on the right. She is moving out of Lubbock and will be missed.
Black and white photograph by Bill Mueller, Lubbock, Texas.

November 28, 2006.
            Last couple of weeks were typical in West Texas. Hot one day. Near hurricane force winds (68 mph) the next day with blowing dust. Cold (56) the following day. Then it was beautiful. Then days in the upper 80s to low 90s.
            The doctors took enough blood lately that I felt like I had been visited by vampires.
            Sunday (19th) was relaxed. In the morning, I was supposed to help my friend Carlos Jordan photograph a fiddle player/singer for a painting he is has in mind, but it was canceled. Then, that afternoon, Gretchen came over to study her Vert Paleo, but spent most of the afternoon and evening cat-napping on the love seat while I worked on the manuscripts.
            Künstler let me know that he needed some help on some artwork, so.... I guess I will be helping him. Four silver pieces, two ceramic pieces, a flubbed mold of a young lady, and I will probably have to help him make some casts because of their size. 
            Thanksgiving weekend was kept really low key. Meaghan came in and I cooked turkey and dressing and that was pretty much the excitement for the weekend.
            Today I gave a lecture on 19th and early 20th century photography. It went fairly well. The students saw some types of photographs they may never see again. To the right is one of the images from my personal collection, a photo of Abraham Lincoln's oldest son, Robert Todd Lincoln, by the renowned Civil War photographer Mathew Brady.
            Tonight was getting back on schedule after the holidays and working with a pretty, young lady. One of the poses is at right.
Robert Todd Lincoln photograph by Mathew Brady.
Robert Todd Lincoln
by Mathew Brady
Black and White photograph by Bill Mueller, Lubbock, Texas.
Tonight's model

October 24, 2006, Tuesday.
            Tonight I worked with one of my regular models with some nice results. I have to get with Künstler and check his schedule. Between photography and helping him with some of his artwork, we have be busy pre-Christmas rush on already that we have to work in with everything else. 
A black and white photograph by Bill Mueller, Lubbock, Texas.

October 10, 2006, Tuesday.
            Today was another beautiful fall day with periodic drizzling rains. The week has only begun and it has been extremely busy so far. Künstler has picked up a couple more jewelry commissions and I know I will have to help him with one of them because it is based on the new species of Trilophosaurus (Trilophosaurus dornorum) that I described in May. The second piece is based on Buettneria bakeri.
Black and White life drawing photograph by Bill Mueller, Lubbock, Texas.

September 28, 2006, Thursday.
            Tuesday evening found me enjoying a glass of wine and looking out over Buffalo Springs Lake. It was an enjoyable evening working with one of my regular models. 

Black and White photograph by Bill Mueller, Lubbock, Texas

September 21, 2006, Thursday.
            The feel of autumn in the air is growing stronger. Leaves are beginning to change but much of the grass in the field is as green as it has been all year. The sand is blowing like it was March. From the signs I have observed, it should be a cold, wet winter. 
            My drawing Tuesday night went well (model to right). My drawing was much better than the off night I had last week. It has been kind of an "off" week, so Künstler hasn't been around much. However, I do feel his presence approaching and do look forward to seeing him this weekend.
Black and white photograph by Bill Mueller, Lubbock, Texas.

September 13, 2006, Wednesday.
            Tuesday night my drawing wasn't working, but I did get some decent photos. I have been trying to get in touch with Künstler to coordinate schedules. He is wanting me to help him get some artwork done this weekend; however, Gretchen and I may have go to the field and see what the rains eroded out. It rained again on my locality Sunday night and again Monday morning. Künstler is way behind on several commission pieces and needs some assistance in getting caught up. However, with work, my class, preparing lectures, and dissertation research; I don't have much "spare" time available to help. 
Black and White photograph by Bill Mueller, Lubbock, Texas.
In front of the fireplace

September 4, 2006, Monday.
            The week saw a break in the heat, along with some showers. I spent most of the past weekend indoors working on manuscripts and notes. Trying to get things situated for classes. The semester should go fairly well with me taking one class; however, I was "conned" into presenting four more lectures in other classes this fall. That makes a total of six lectures to teach this fall. One will be simple because this is the third year I have presented the lecture (I didn't get to present the lecture on antique photography/paper last year because I was officially taking the class). One of the others is on the Vert Paleo collections (maybe I can struggle through this one) and then all the others are on digital imagery, etc. (I don't know about this one, digital photography....might be beyond my knowledge base!).
            The Caprock Photographers and guests hung their exhibit at the Lubbock Garden and Arts Center Thursday evening. Friday evening we had the First Friday Art Trail, and had a very nice gathering for the exhibit. It was nice to see a number of friends visit the exhibit.
An image of the pinhole photographs by Bill Mueller, Lubbock, Texas, in the Caprock Photographers at the Lubbock Garden and Arts Center.
Bill Mueller's photos at the CP exhibit.

August 22, 2006, Tuesday.
            Showers and thunderstorms have cooled the past week. Several of our vertebrate paleontology collecting localities received good rains, prompting  our plans to go collect as soon as it dries out a bit. They are predicting rain for the weekend. It hampers our collecting but the ranchers desperately need the rain, so we will welcome the rain. Maybe it will erode out some more fossils also.
            I have been working hard on some photography and helping Künstler make some progress on several art projects. Künstler is coming over tomorrow to work on a couple of ceramic pieces that he wants me to fire this weekend (if they dry enough). This week I have to finish photography of artwork for several artists for the brochure for the Local Color Studio tour in November. To the right are images of a young lady who had modeled last week and this week.
Black and white photography of a bodyscape by Bill Mueller, Lubbock, Texas, on 8-22-2006.

Bill Mueller photograph from Tuesday night, 8-15-2006.

August 12, 2006, Saturday.
            This morning's coffee was enjoyed while looking at the moon illuminating the dark sky (it was early!). This weekend is going to be very busy. I need to help my buddy, Wilhelm Künstler, find the time make some ceramic casts (Künstler removing a two-piece mold at upper right) and finish a ring. I need to mount, mat, and frame my photos for the upcoming Caprock Photographers exhibit. This week I photographed a prairie dog, a lotus blossom, a Mississippi kite, and my model for Tuesday night (lower right). Now, if there were only 48 hours in a day, I might get somthing accomplished this weekend. I hope you all have a good weekend, because I think I will be very busy!
Bill Mueller, Lubbock, Texas, photograph of a woman being molded by Wilhelm Künstler for a ceramic sculpture.

Black and white photograph by Bill Mueller, Lubbock, Texas, of a model.

August 8, 2006, Tuesday.
            Last week was a very busy week. I spent some time finishing up my images for the upcoming exhibit with the Caprock Photographers. I think other people will like the images I have in the show. They are all pin-hole figure studies, similar to what is seen to the right. 
            Last evening, thunderstorms rolled across the plains with welcome, cooling rains. This evening was spent working on more art and finishing up the paperwork for the upcoming Caprock Photographers exhibit.
Bill Mueller pinhole photograph of a bodyscape.

July 30, 2006, Sunday.
            The reprise of Gypsies in the Palace ended yesterday. I got some photography done this week (as you can see to the right), quite a bit of research, and some relaxation. For "not doing anything", I lost 16 pounds this week. I even took the time out by the pool to read a couple of novels. First novels I have read since Jimmy Buffett's A Salty Piece of Land came out (I read it in one day). I have to get back in gear since I have been out of touch for a week.
            Today, it is back to the normal grind. I have to see if Künstler has finished his dicynodont drawings for me. Then I have to sort and prep some specimens, write some more descriptions, and clean house. Time to get on the move! 
Pinhole photograph by Bill Mueller, Lubbock, Texas.

Pinhole photograph by Bill Mueller, Lubbock, Texas.

July 17, 2006, Monday.
            It has been a very busy week again!!! I felt like I was going ten different directions at once, all the time. 
            The Museum's annual Gala was Friday evening. I did get to see a few friends. I took a snapshot of a lightning storm as I left (see right). 
            Spent most of the weekend sorting, cataloguing, and preparing fossils. Sunday, I helped Künstler prepare a couple of molds so he can make castings later this week and then went over to Carlos Jordan's to visit with his family that is visiting. 
A photograph of a thunderstorm over Jones Stadium, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, by Bill Mueller.
Lighning over TTU's Jones Stadium.

June 20, 2006, Tuesday.
            It has been a very busy week and the rest of this week is going to be busier. I have been working my rear end off, but it doesn't seem like I have accomplished much. Künstler did get in gear and finished a couple of drawings for some of the paleo manuscripts for me. Now he only has about 25 more to go! There is a great deal I need to do in the next two weeks!
            I photographed and sketched a pretty, young lady tonight (see right).
            It is amazing how on one side of Texas they have a major flood, and on this side things are so dry they are canceling the 4th of July firework celebrations. 
Bodyscape photograph by Bill Mueller, Lubbock, Texas.

June 13, 2006, Tuesday.
            It was a beautiful sunrise this morning. As is normal, it has been a busy, busy week. I am trying to wrap up several manuscripts, but I keep finding more specimens to include. My art has suffered recently because of my preoccupation with my paleo projects. Künstler hasn't finished the drawings I needed him to do for the manuscript. I may have to fire his ass!
           ; This past month has seen an unbelievable number of worldwide visitors from everywhere, not just my regular German, Australian, and New Zealanders.  Welcome all. 
            I am so far behind it isn't funny anymore. I have a couple of models I need to work with on the caprock if the weather (heat) will give us a break I need Künstler to finish some artwork but I know he is under pressure to finish some jewelry and sculptures that will pay more than MY artwork.
            Back to the doctors tomorrow. It isn't a Jimmy Buffett song, it is more like a country/western song by Tim McGraw. 
Bodyscape photograph by Bill Mueller, Lubbock, Texas.

June 7, 2006, Wednesday.
            It has already been a very, very busy week. The sunrise yesterday morning, what little I got to see before descending into the dungeon, was beautiful. At least it was cool in the dungeon compared to the 102 degree temperature outside that afternoon. It is good there is a "cold front" due that will keep the temps down to 97 or 98! August is going to be hot!
            I spent the evening photographing and drawing a very pretty, future research scientist (to right). 
Bodyscape photograph by Bill Mueller, Lubbock, Texas.

May 23, 2006, Tuesday.
            It has been a very busy week getting caught up after being gone all week last week to the symposium at the Petrified Forest. Lots of photography work to catch up on!
            Then there are the art projects. I am way behind on my commissioned works. Then Künstler keeps trying to get me in trouble, and I offer feigned resistance to his influence. However, .........................................................
Photograph of a bodyscape by Bill Mueller of Lubbock, Texas.
A model I have missed over the past few months.

May 10, 2006, Wednesday.
            I picked up my artwork from the Underwood Center for the Arts today. You can check out my pinhole photograph at Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day image.
Close-up photoby Bill Mueller of Lubbock, Texas, of a Western Diamonback rattlesnake's (Crotalus atrox) eye.
Western Diamondback Rattlesnake

May 3, 2006, Wednesday.
            I am still trying to put together my plans for my trip to New Mexico and Arizona.
     I processed my negatives this evening and submitted my photograph (see right) for the Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day
Bodyscape photo of a reclining model by Bill Mueller of Lubbock, Texas.

April 30, 2006, Sunday.
            I made my photograph for the Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day today.  Not one of my regular subjects but I think the image will work nicely. I think Künstler made one too, but I haven't seen his negative yet. Hopefully, the weather conditions will cooperate and I will be able to get some good photography done in New Mexico and Arizona. 
Bodyscape photo of a new model by Bill Mueller of Lubbock, Texas.

April 28, 2006, Friday.
            It has been a hectic week. I have been so busy lately that I haven't seen my friend Künstler lately. At least, that has kept me out of trouble for the past couple of weeks anyway.
            Worked with a new model this week (see right). I am also getting ready for the Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day next Sunday.
A bodyscape photograph of a model by Bill Mueller of Lubbock, Texas.

April 23, 2006, Sunday.
            After returning to Lubbock, I went to the Lubbock Arts Festival where I got to visit with a number of artist friends, some of which I haven't seen since the last Festival. I did visit with a couple of young ladies who want to model for some of my photography.  All in all, a very productive day and a fantastic way to start the week.
            So, for dinner we celebrated with beautiful rib-eye steaks grilled over mesquite, baked potatoes, and more. 
Texture from a Triassic metoposaur interclavicle from the Dockum Group, Texas.

April 11, 2006, Tuesday.
            The opening of the TNLD exhibit last Friday went very well. The staff of the LUCA, interns, spouses, and volunteers did a very nice job of hanging the exhibit and hosting the reception.  All of the TNLDs really appreciate all that they have done. I don't want to start naming names because I know I will omit someone and I don't want to do that. Thank you all.
            I have to try to meet with a couple of photographers this week to discuss an upcoming exhibit in September. The Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day is coming up in a couple of weeks also. The new Canon Rebel XT, with a 100mm macro lens and matched 1.4X teleconverter is doing excellent at macrophotography of fossil teeth, etc. Very nice. I will photograph one of the specimens from my "old" collection that I have prepared for donation and post it next week where it can be accessed to see the quality of the photograph.
A figure study photograph by Bill Mueller of Lubbock, Texas.

April 5, 2006, Wednesday.
            It was a beautiful day in West Texas. I have been prepping on my heterocoelous verts, my drepanosaurid material, and trying to finish up the dicynodont manuscript. We have four phytosaur skulls in the ground that we need to excavate, it is already getting hot, and we are losing most of our field crew in the middle of May.  We are happy for the young ladies because they are graduating; however, we are seriously going to miss them. They have begun working hard trying to finish up projects before they leave.
            Künstler has been trying my patience with some of his activities; however, it is entertaining watching him. The Tuesday Night Life Drawer's exhibit at the Louise Underwood Center for the Arts (LUCA) has their reception this Friday on the First Friday Art Trail.  I have some photography and drawings on exhibit; while Künstler has drawings, paintings, and 3-D pieces on exhibit. You can get more details at TNLD
A figure drawing by Wilhelm Kunstler, Lubbock, Texas.

March 28, 2006, Tuesday.
            Typical week for spring in West Texas. Wind, rain, snow, hail, lightening, and sunshine. Saturday was beautiful and I wanted to go to the field but had too much work to do. Next weekend for sure. Lightening, thunder, hail, and rain tonight!  Maybe it will wash some more fossils out at my locality and then I will have to go this weekend! 
            The TNLD exhibit opened at the Underwood Center for the Arts.  I have a couple of photographs and drawings on exhibit. My buddy Künstler has drawings, paintings, a ceramic piece, and a stone sculpture on exhibit. The TNLDs were picking on Künstler since he wasn't present this evening. He may not show up at the reception after his name was left off the invitation and one or two people who aren't participating had their names on the invitation. Such an artist (ego!).
            I have a number of large photographic prints to make, mat, and mount at work this week.  A couple are very nice images (lotus blossom) if I do say so myself. 
            I was going to bed early tonight after visiting until almost 3am with a friend who stopped in Post looking for me while she was passing through. It is now close to midnight.
Photograph of model by Bill Mueller of Lubbock, Texas.
Model posing Tuesday evening

March 21, 2006, Tuesday.
            Sixty mph winds yesterday brought death and destruction. Sad.
            It was a cool morning. It appears that all has been taken care of for the upcoming TNLD exhibit at the Underwood Center and the exhibit is in the process of being hung. 
            I gave the preliminary research proposals for my PhD today. 
            It was nice to get my schedule back to "normal", whatever that is. Snow predicted for tomorrow. I am hoping the weekend will be very nice. I do have a lot of writing to get done, but still want to get out and enjoy spring fever.
Watching the fire in the fireplace, a photograph by Bill Mueller of Lubbock, Texas.

March 13, 2006, Monday.
            It was a windy week on the Llano Estacado. Yesterday seemed like the worst with winds a little over 60 mph. There is a layer of dust throughout my townhouse.
            Things were very stressful at work this week, so it was very nice that I got to spend most of the weekend with some very nice young ladies preparing fossils and enjoying art. It was nice to have a pretty, young visitor from the Big Bend country.  I hadn't seen her for a long time and her photos brought back lots of good memories of when I was in college (not with her), Alpine, and  "South County". I got up early this morning and went back through her portfolios before I went to work, and I do believe her haunting self-portrait is one of my favorites (and it isn't because it is of her nude). 
            Künstler and I have been working together to get all of our artwork ready for the exhibit next week. It was hard to keep Künstler focused this weekend, as you know, the guy is what Dustin Hoffman would term "a maniac". 
            At least I am looking forward to going to the field next weekend if the weather is nice. My research area has received about a centimeter of rain since I was last there. 
View of one of Kunstler's ceramic pieces of art.

March 7, 2006, Tuesday.
            The weather has been beautiful, almost as beautiful as the sunrise this morning as I arrived at the dungeon. We do need some rain to erode some fossils out. The exhibit at the Underwood Regional Arts Center is coming up in a couple of weeks and all my photography is almost ready.  Künstler is still working on some of his artwork and our friend Carlos Jordan was in a quandary Sunday when I met with him to photograph a couple of pretty physical trainers for reference photos for some of his artwork.  He had sold most of his drawings at the Friday Art Tour. He was going to have to do some digging to find something for the upcoming show. It looks like the title of the exhibit is going to be Figuratively Speaking: 3 Decades with the Tuesday Night Life Drawers. Most of us haven't been around for the three decades; however, it should be an interesting exhibit. 
            Between us, Künstler and I have a lot of paleontology, writing, photography, painting, and sculpting to do this week. Unfortunately, Künstler keeps getting distracted by pretty, young women; so, I had best quit this and get to work while I have a chance and things are quiet around here. 
Photo by Bill Mueller of Lubbock, Texas, of a windmill at sunrise this morning before decending into the dungeon.

Photograph of model by Bill Mueller of Lubbock, Texas..

February 21, 2006, Tuesday.
            Last week was nice and  throughout  the week I got to spend time with friends that I hadn't spent time with in a while. It was capped off Friday and Saturday with the Howe Family Soup and Champagne dinner. Friday, I helped a little setting up for the dinner and pinning the stars on the ceiling to complete the Australian flag. The theme for the dinner was Australia (for a reason). I got to see Bill, Lisa, and Marlene (who I hadn't seen in several years, see image). Then, Saturday, it was nice to see too many people to name that I hadn't seen in a while, and to meet new people. I was fortunate enough to receive a Jean Schofield Badger painting of the Howe farmstead near New Albany, Indiana. Sunday was busy, catching up on work since I had done so much "socializing" this week.
            Tonight it was getting back on track getting ready for our upcoming exhibit of figure work. 
Visiting with Marlene Johnston, Arizona, at the Isabelle Howe families' Soup and Champagne.

February 15, 2006, Wednesday.
            It has started out as a nice week.  I was able to get a lot of writing done this weekend. Monday, I spent the evening with Lesley Sawyer. We went over some images for her new CD and her upcoming website. 
            Last evening was nice. Wine, a fantastic dinner (I cooked!), and good company as Gretchen came for the evening.
            I have been busy photographing and logging in photos of art prints. Today I will be photographing blankets and then it is back to photographing the art prints. 
            I don't know if it is the Olympics or what, but I have been flooded with more than usual international visitors. Welcome and I hope you enjoy the site. Email and let me know. 
Candle burning on Valentine's evening from Bill Mueller and Gretchen Gurtler's dinner, Lubbock, Texas..

February 2, 2006, Tuesday.
            It has been a very busy two weeks. I felt like I should show a photo of my fingers on the keyboard. Time is growing near for our next art exhibit. Künstler and I have to get our drawings together and have to finish the last painting for the show. 
Photo of model by Bill Mueller of Lubbock, Texas.

January 10, 2006, Tuesday.
            It was nice to get back on my regular schedule and regular activities after the holidays. Registered at Tech for the spring. Comps and Oral exams coming up.
            Our art group met to draw and discuss our upcoming exhibit at the Underwood Art Center. It was nice to see our friends after almost a month. It is amazing how we can come to take our get togethers for granted until we miss a few. It re-enforces how close we are, not only as artists, but as friends. 
            Künstler and I fired a number of ceramic pieces this past weekend. I have been finishing up some paleo manuscripts. Making plans for research for the spring.  So many projects, so many things to do, and so little time. 
            Full Moon this coming Saturday. I need to do some photography on the caprock, and maybe do a little field work as the weather is supposed to be fairly nice. 
Photograph of this evening's model by Bill Mueller..

January 2, 2006, Monday.
            It was a tough start to the New Year for a lot of people. South-southeast of my hometown of Eastland, Texas, the wildfires have done a lot of damage. People I know have lost their homes. Also, from what I understand, all of the structures and houses in the nearby community of Cottonwood were burned today in a separate fire. Then there were/are fires in Oklahoma City (and five or six others up there), the fire near Plains, Hobbs (New Mexico), Cross Plains, and a number of others.  The past twelve months has been something else with the hurricanes, tsunami, tornados, floods, and now, wildfires. 

January 1, 2006, Sunday 
One more candle and a trip around the sun.
            Well, I successfully kept my New Year's resolution for last year. I am probably surprised more than anyone. Now for this year........I will just try to repeat last year's.
            Spent New Year's Eve with good friends, good food, and good wine. Today, Künstler and I spent some time working with our art: framing photos, making molds, making some ceramic castings, and working on a couple of sculptures. Then I spent most of the afternoon working on my dicynodont paper and listening to the sandstorm blow. 
Changes in latitude, Changes in attitude .................... nothing remains the same.

view of the sun througha dust storm.

View of the sun through blowing dust
and sand just after noon today.

December 31, 2005, Friday 
        Well, like I always say .... life is just a Jimmy Buffett song .... This year gone by ain’t been a piece of cake.  .....just another candle and a trip around the sun. 
         I made it through December. 
There’s one thing I’ve learned from all this living ... it wouldn’t change a thing if I let go. 

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