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December 30, 2007, Sunday.
           Gretchen Gürtler and I just returned from a whirlwind post Christmas trip to the Big Bend. It was WAY too short. Leaving in the sparse dusting of snow the day after Christmas, we headed south. After a quick tour of Sul Ross State University, Alpine, and area, we went to Marfa. On the way back, we stopped and were lucky enough to see some of the Marfa Lights. 
           In Alpine I ran into a few old friends in the Railroad Blues: Tom Short, John Zubia, and Kurt Strapoli. Wanted to visit with Doc Mattison but didn't have time. It was the first time I had seen them in years.
           The next day we went down south to Study Butte and Terlingua. Later we went up river through Lajitas and on to Colorado Canyon. We then made a quick run through the Basin in the Chisos Mountains and the west side of Big Bend National Park. I was wanting to relocate an Eocene mammal jaw that a group of us discovered in 2000 so I could take a GPS reading of its location. That way I could notify someone interested in Tertiary mammals and a permit to collect in the Park. I could not relocate it. To the right is a photo of the jaw that I took back in 2000. I went ahead and took a GPS reading within meters of where it originally was found.
           That evening we caught Ken Barnes in Terlingua and he took us  through his Badlands Fossils museum/laboratory near Lajitas. It was very interesting seeing the mosasaur, hadrosaur, and Ptychodus material. 
           On the way home, we made a flying trip through the Davis Mountains. Now it is back to work.
A view of the west side of Big Bend National Park.

Eocene mammal jaw

December 23, 2007, Sunday.
           It has not been good since my last entry. I worked with the model (Dec. 7) at right who brought me the Castoroides jaw to identify. I was ill for about four days. Sunday (Dec. 9) was my first day of feeling back to normal. I did get quite a bit of writing done while lying on the floor in front of the television. Daytime TV is horrible, even with a satellite dish. All re-runs or telemarketing. 100 channels and nothing to watch, so it didn't distract from my writing and sleeping.
Gretchen Gurtler jacketing a Parasuchus phytosaur skull.

November 18, 2007, Sunday.
           I took my daughter on the First Friday Art Trail. It was her first FFAT since moving back to Lubbock. She saw a number of artists and patrons that she hadn't seen in a while, and met a few more.
           The week was extremely busy, but it doesn't seem like I got much accomplished. Saturday (10th) I took time to go on part of the Local Color Studio tour. Then, Sunday, Gretchen and I we went on more of the Local Color Studio tour.
           I have enjoyed the Invitational Chess Tournament they hosted at Texas Tech. Brought back some memories of when I played chess in college (as a freshman I played on the college team some). I even won in an exhibition tournament that year by defeating the reigning Texas state champion. Now I can't remember the last time I played. 
Ivory chess pieces

October 31, 2007, Wednesday.
           It has been a busy week. 
          Tuesday, a couple of friends came in from Abilene and we met for lunch. Then that evening, I worked with a pretty young woman (at top right) who brought me the fossil jaw I could not identify on October 7. We should see Thursday if my secondary identification is close to correct.
Black and white photograph by Bill Mueller, Lubbock, Texas.

October 23, 2007, Tuesday.
           Tonight I was able to get back to my regular art schedule as you see at right.
Black and white photo by Bill Mueller.

October 9, 2007, Tuesday
           The pre-dawn this morning was beautiful. The still, cool morning with the crescent moon and Venus in the lightening sky. It was beautiful. It was a bit of calm in a week that has been filled with drama! 
           My colleague, Wilhelm Künstler, convinced me to have a more relaxed evening tonight. So I spent the evening working with a pretty, young lady who did some very excellent poses for drawings (at right), as she always does. My photo of her July 30, 2006, is one of my favorites. 
Photograph by Bill Mueller, Lubbock, Texas.

B&W photo by Bill Mueller

October 7, 2007, Sunday.
           Early last week I worked with a pretty, young lady (at right). She brought several interesting fossils she found for me to identify. Two were common invertebrates; however, the other was an interesting vertebrate and I am still researching the identity. I can say what it is not ....... but not what it is. 

Black and white photograph by Bill Mueller

September 25, 2007, Tuesday.
           I continued putting together part of my invertebrate collection for donating to the Museum. Mostly extant specimens; however, some range back to the Ordovician.
           Tonight I drew and photographed a pretty, young lady (at right) that I haven't worked with in a while. She did an excellent job tonight. The Caprock Photographers exhibit, including some of my photography, will still be on exhibit at the Lubbock Garden and Arts Center through October 2. 
Black and white photograph by Bill Mueller

September 11, 2007, Tuesday.
           Sunday Wilhem Künstler asked for some assistance in creating a number of ceramic pieces for an exhibit next fall. I guess I will have to find time to help him. He is already behind on some sculptural pieces and jewelry. 
           I sorted some of my invertebrate collection (mostly echinoderms) to be donated and started merging the database. I have a great deal more to do.
           I was back in my regular routine and worked this evening with a pretty, young  woman (at right). 
Black and white photograph by Bill Mueller, Lubbock, Texas.

September 7, 2007, Friday.
           The opening of the Caprock Photographers exhibit at the Lubbock Garden and Arts Center was part of the First Friday Art Trail tonight. The theme was supposed to be something like Passion or Passion on the Caprock. I have a black and white photograph of the image to the right I made on the caprock in the exhibit. 
Photograph on the caprock.

September 3, 2007, Monday.
           Last week was hectic with classes at Texas Tech beginning, getting back from extended time in the field, and getting back on schedule. 
           Got to work again early last week with a pretty, young model who did excellent. It was nice to get back in a bit of my normal routine.
           Mid-week found me visiting with good friends, Joe and Eddie Jo Miller. The following morning I photographed some of the wild turkeys near their house before heading south to do more photography. Then it was back to the grind.
           Tomorrow I hang photographs with the Caprock Photographers for our exhibit at the Lubbock Garden & Arts Center.
Black and white photograph by Bill Mueller.

Young wild turkey tom.

August 5, 2007, Sunday.
           My photography was exhibited at the Hard Tops Gallery  for the First Friday Art Trail. It was so crowded during the early part of the exhibit that it was difficult to make your way through the gallery.
Lightning behind the mesa.

July 31, 2007, Tuesday.
           Today, I hung my photography at the Hard Tops Gallery  for the First Friday Art Trail. It should be a very nice exhibit with a number of photographers. 
           I did make it to Tuesday Night Life Drawing tonight, despite everything I needed to do. It was a very nice evening, dinner on the patio at the lake, and a model  that did an excellent job even though it was her first time to model for a life drawing group. 
           To the right is a view from what will be my "office" tomorrow.
View from my "office" for next week.

July 22, 2007, Sunday.
           The past two weeks have been busy, getting photos ready for a new book. The publisher's deadline is July 31. I have been matting and framing my images for an upcoming exhibit at the Hard Tops Gallery for the First Friday Art Trail on August 3. 
Stereophotograph of a trilobite

July 8, 2007, Sunday.
           It has been a mixed week. My daughter came in from Austin, but I did not get to spend much time with her because of work. Last Friday I was given a major project that I "thought" I had finished my part in March. I worked Saturday and then Sunday I spent 10 hours in the dungeon working until I finished all the files they had given me. Then I pulled an all-nighter to get the files they gave me Monday finished by Tuesday afternoon. Didn't do much for the 4th of July but sleep.
           Thursday I photographed and made a full body mold (see right) of a young lady. I am getting some last minute pieces ready for a couple of exhibits coming up. 
           Friday, I went out on the Friday Art Trail to look at all of the photography exhibits.


View of plaster mold drying.

June 19, 2007, Tuesday.
           After three weeks straight of 9-10 hour days, I am looking forward to a bit of less stress. Tuesday two weeks ago working with the model at right was a relaxing evening. Worked with her again tonight.
           Sunday before last, I went to the Llano Wine and Clay Festival. Saw a number of artist friends and had a nice visit. Enjoyed looking at the artwork. This past week has just been work, work, and more work. Even this past weekend I worked at the museum because my research area was rained on both Friday and Saturday. It is finally hot and clear so this coming weekend should be a good, albeit short day in the field.
Black and white photo by Bill Mueller.

June 3, 2007, Sunday.
           West Texas weather!!! It continues. Rain, rain, and more rain. My photo shoot on the caprock Thursday was canceled due to the wet conditions and rains. My research area has received rain on five straight days.
           Enjoyed working with a new model Tuesday evening. She did nice for her first time modeling. I look forward to working with her again.
           Lots of photography this week. Thursday I photographed 270 individual bugs, a dinosaur premaxilla, some dicynodont fossils, and a number of antique hats. Friday I photographed another dinosaur premaxilla, several dinosauromoph femora and tibias, some aetosaur fossils, and an Antarctic fossil bird. I did carry part of the Antarctic fossil bird researchers out to the First Friday Art Trail. Saturday I shot a couple of images for the "One moment" exhibit (see right), another specimen of fossil bird from Antarctica, and a number of photos of the group studying the Antarctic fossil birds. Sunday, I shot some images of Polarornis, another Antarctic fossil bird. 
Hallway at 7am

Lotus blossom

May 23, 2007, Wednesday.
           It has been a very busy week, including activity on the website. Lots of paleontology inquiries this week. I don't know if it has anything to do with the "Global Triassic" conference or not. It has been beautiful, but a bit breezy in West Texas this week.
           Tuesday night I photographed the same model as I did last week. She did a good job modeling and I did a couple of "not too bad" sketches to go along with my photographs. Next Thursday is the full moon, so I am working on my plans for photographing on the caprock next Thursday evening when the full moon rises just after the sun sets. 
Black and White photo by Bill Mueller.

May 19, 2007, Sunday.
           It is still raining off & on and it has been a busy week.
          Tuesday I photographed the young lady at right and got some nice images.
          Had lunch with a friend Friday, Rambo. He has a very interesting literary project in the works. I think he should develop it into a novel or screenplay. I think it could work. I had several very nice visits with friends and acquaintances this week that were nice and some long overdue.
Black and white photo by Bill Mueller

May 13, 2007, Sunday.
           Künstler did me a favor and processed my film for the World Wide Pinhole Photography Day and we finally got our images submitted. Mine can be viewed in the Gallery. Now I have to prepare for an exhibit in August and then another in September.
Bill Mueller Pinhole photograph for World Wide Pinhole Photography Day, April 29.

May 8, 2007, Tuesday.
           Today was the last regular session I will have with the model to the right. She is graduating and moving away. She promises to come back for a session on the caprock (possibly on a full moon), and possibly a figure molding this summer. I have an exhibit coming up in August and another in September, so I need some new images and Künstler needs new artwork. I have several ideas for what should be some beautiful images of her.
Photograph by Bill Mueller, Lubbock, Texas.

May 1, 2007, Tuesday.
           I spent some time photographing artwork for submissions to the Local Color Studio tour.
           West Texas weather changed my plans for World Wide Pinhole Photography Day Sunday. I wasn't able to photograph on the caprock, for the first time, as I had planned due to the rain. To the right is a digital image I made Sunday while one of my pinhole exposures was in progress (as close to the pinhole camera's composition as I could get).
           Tonight, again, I worked with one of my models (below-right) for the last time before she moves to Alaska. 
           I have a very busy week ahead!
Digital image of the same composition of one I made with a pinhole camera for the World-Wide Pinhole photography day.

Black and white photo by Bill Mueller, Lubbock, Texas.

April 25, 2007, Wednesday.
           The week has been very busy. Last night I worked with a model for the last time before she moves to San Francisco. I will miss her modeling for me.
          Next week is going to be busier. Sunday is WorldWide Pinhole Photography Day. I have two models to photograph and still want to try and get by my research area also.
Black and white photograph by Bill Mueller.

April 17, 2007, Tuesday.
           West Texas weather, AGAIN!!! Last Friday was rain, blowing sand with high winds (62 mph), and light snow flurries in the northern South Plains that night! Sunny, windy days. Then today was rain, hail, and tornadoes again.
          Tonight, I worked with the same young lady I worked with last week. Made a couple of decent drawings and some nice photographs. Looking forward to our next  two sessions (one on the caprock, weather permitting) before she moves away. 
Black and white photograph by Bill Mueller, Lubbock, Texas.

Black and white photo by Bill Mueller, Lubbock, Texas.

April 11, 2007, Wednesday.
           West Texas weather!!! Freezing and snow on Sunday, Tuesday was 80 F and a sandstorm, today was beautiful. Now they are forecasting possible thunderstorms tomorrow; Friday is near hurricane force winds (65 mph+) and blowing dust.
           Today was almost as beautiful as the model I worked with last night. It was the first time we have worked together in about four years.
           I was also reminded today about my donation of my extant echinoderm collection. I need to get it all put together. Just another project to get done. 
Black and white photograph by Bill Mueller, Lubbock, Texas.

April 8, 2007, Sunday.
           Another wild week of West Texas weather with freezing rain and snow this weekend. 
           I have to get my photograph ready for the Invitational Exhibit at the Lubbock Arts Festival in two weeks and I have to help Künstler get some artwork done. 
Snow on the patio.

April 3, 2007, Tuesday.
           It has been a wild week. Tornados assaulted Lubbock a week ago Sunday while I was working in the basement of the Museum. I wasn't aware until the guards came to alert me. 
          Rain and hurricane force winds during the week and then Friday a bit of sleet just after noon.
           Tonight I made a few nice images of a pretty model (see right). I have to try to get her sculpture finished soon before she moves.
Black & white photograph by Bill Mueller, Lubbock, Texas.

March 22, 2007, Thursday.
           My Tuesday night session (at right) was more eating and drinking than photography and drawing; however, a bit of relaxation is a good thing as busy as everything has been. I had been at work basically without a break since 7 am. It was a long day and then it was late when I got home. I enjoyed the evening very much. 
          Wednesday night saw my patio furniture sliding across the patio in the wind and rain. The predicted rains have missed my research area, so I am disappointed about that. The weekend was spent preparing fossils, writing on manuscripts, and dodging tornados that we had several of in the area Sunday.
Black and white photograph by Bill Mueller, Lubbock, Texas.

March 7, 2007, Wednesday.
           The week felt like spring. Hard to believe that spring break is next week. 
           Last night I worked with the model from February 13 for the second time. I got some very nice images and look forward to working with her again. She did an excellent job of hitting some very artistic poses.
Black and white photograph by Bill Mueller, Lubbock, Texas.

March 4, 2007, Sunday.
          The paleontologic detective work from last week has been concluded with results that I am confident with; however, they did not provide the answers we needed. Saturday I extracted and shipped out a couple of samples from the neural arches of the mosasaur vertebrae for palynologic analysis. I don't have much hope for resolving our problem after examining the limestone under the microscope. 
           I am putting together some new images for the website. They should be up before too long.
Great Horned Owl fledglings on their first day out of the nest.

February 27, 2007, Tuesday.
           Did some photography and drawing tonight (see right) of a very pretty, young woman. I do have to finish my ceramic piece of her torso soon for an exhibit.
           Another dust storm due in tomorrow with up to 50 mph winds. Tonight, working with the model was a nice break from the paleo and photographing air handlers! 
Black and white photograph by Bill Mueller, Lubbock, Texas.
Tonight's model

February 20, 2007, Tuesday.
           Tonight I went to the Tuesday Night Life Drawing group's "Fat Tuesday" drawing session. It is always an enjoyable time: doing some drawing, visiting with friends, and celebrating "Fat Tuesday". Jean Badger cooked some wonderful shrimp. I cooked a jambalaya (really more of a payaya) for everyone to enjoy. At least they were nice, lied to me, and said it was good. Angela Nicholson found the baby in the "King Cake", so it is her turn next year.
           I have been visiting about donating my recent echinoderm collection. It contains a couple of unique and rare specimens, not as many as the paleo-echinoderms, but still some important specimens, including a Toxopneuestes roseaus from the upper Sea of Cortez. I also have a lot of "more common" taxa such as Diadema, Clypeaster, Plagiobrissus, Meoma, Moira, Lovenia, Mellita, Eucidaris, Brissus, Encope, Clypeaster, Dedraster, Ludia, Pharia, Heliaster, Phataria, Ophiocoma, Goniaster, Stongylocentrotus, and many, many more genera and species. 
           For the past five or six years, I have been donating my private collection of over 4,000 species to various institutions (including the Museum of Texas Tech) based on the primary subject of research by the faculty and students. The echinoderm collection is one I have held on to because I really like echinoderms. I donated some of my selachian collection to the Museum of Texas Tech and I understand the need to expand that collection. I will do what I can to expand that collection also.
Black and white photograph by Bill Mueller, Lubbock, Texas.

Black and white photograph by Bill Mueller, Lubbock, Texas.

February 13, 2007, Tuesday.
           The week has been very busy. The weather has been typical West Texas. Thirty-seven degrees Saturday, seventy degrees Sunday and it is supposed to snow tonight and tomorrow! I am trying to get our mosasaur stuff put together. I don't know if I am going to get it done in time or not. It may be close. The good thing is, if it does snow tonight and tomorrow it will be too wet to go to the field this weekend and I, hopefully, can get work done on the mosasaur and the dicynodont papers. 
           I had lunch with a friend today, Amanda Chavira, who was in Lubbock visiting after graduating from Texas Tech in December. It was very nice to spend some time (although too short) with her. 
           Worked with a new model tonight. She did an excellent job modeling. I hope to work with her again. 
Black and white photograph by Bill Mueller, Lubbock, Texas.

February 6, 2007, Tuesday.
           I have my mosasaur manuscript shaping up pretty well. I just need it to dry out so that Gretchen Gurtler and I can get to the field and verify some data for our manuscript. This past weekend, since it snowed again Friday, I spent most of my time in the library, at the museum, or typing on manuscripts. Now they are forecasting rain for the upcoming weekend.
           I did take time off Sunday afternoon to give a friend (and ex-Caprock Photographer), Serena Beaty, a refresher on developing film. Künstler came by and we worked with him on some paleo-jewelry. 
           Monday, a young lady brought me some shark and ray teeth she and a friend collected near Dallas. Most were PtychodusCarcharias, and Squalicorax; however, she did have one mosasaur tooth! Kewl!
           Tonight I worked with one of my steady models. She, as always was wonderful. I really hate that she will be leaving Lubbock before too long. She will be missed. Künstler is supposed to have a ceramic cast of her torso done before she leaves; however, he had best finish my dicynodont drawings first!!! 
Black and white photograph by Bill Mueller, Lubbock, Texas.

January 31, 2007, Wednesday.
           It is a busy week. I finished photographing a couple of mosasaur vertebrae yesterday along with everything else. Photographed a very pretty young lady last night as you can see to the right. I have a lot of photography work to do this week.
           It is getting tough because Künstler has been coming over and getting me in trouble. When I should be writing, he is wanting to do other things. It must be nice not having any serious responsibilities! He has completed a couple of art projects and that is good for our upcoming exhibit. I absolutely have to get him to finish my dicynodont drawings this weekend, otherwise I am going to have to fire his ass as the artist for my publications! 
           It has been a wild month on the web site!  Since January 1, I have had visitors from 134 different countries and states, and have received some interesting paleo questions from a number of very nice people.
           Well, we are supposed to get more ice and snow this week. I need to get to the field and it is too wet to get there now. More freezing rain and snow, we do not need.
Black and white photograph by Bill Mueller, Lubbock, Texas.
Black and white photograph by Bill Mueller, Lubbock, Texas.

January 23, 2007, Tuesday.
           It is nice to finally get back into a regular, although very busy, schedule. Both my photographic and paleontologic work has been very, very busy. 
           In paleo, I expect to have at least four papers submitted for publication by the end of the semester. I have been taking my time because I do want them to be correct and well done. 
           Stephanie suggested to me tonight that I needed to recruit a third person to help me and Künstler, so we can get our work, our research, and our art projects done. Künstler has a backlog of jewelry and ceramic pieces to get done. I have photographic commissions to do. I have a number of pin-hole photographs to print. Künstler and I are gearing up for a two-man show of photography and sculpture in March. And the pretty, young lady who modeled for me tonight asked how Künstler was coming with her casting. A lot of work to do for both of us to do before the show.
           I saw on the weather that it might snow Friday night/Saturday morning. I hope is doesn't mess up our going to the field Saturday. However, if it does, that will allow me to work on manuscripts and photos for the upcoming exhibit; if I can avoid Künstler leading me astray. 
Color photograph by Bill Mueller, Lubbock, Texas.
Black and White photograph by Bill Mueller, Lubbock, Texas.

January 21, 2007, Sunday.
           Well the greatly hyped "Lubbock blizzard of '07" was pretty much a bust. We got a little ice and a few inches of snow over the weekend. I spent the weekend working on research and manuscripts. Two weeks in a row we have had ice and snow. Not nearly as bad here as other places in Texas. 
           It is going to be another busy week. I have a lot of photography to do. I am looking forward to going to the field next Saturday also. It has been too long.
Horse skull in ice and snow.

January 5, 2007, Thursday.
            Another candle and the beginning of the next trip around the sun. Sometimes you just wonder where the trip is going to take you along the way. May you all have the best trip of your lives!
            It has been a busy week and next week is going to be busier. 

           A belated Happy New Years to everyone.

another candle

December 31, 2006, Sunday.
           This year gone by ain’t been a piece of cake.  .....just another candle and a trip around the sun. (from a Jimmy Buffett song)I made it through December but did suffer a few hits. 
There’s one thing I’ve learned from all this living ... it wouldn’t change a thing if I let go. 

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