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December 27, 2009.
           Finishing up preparations for the exhibit at Hard TopsGallery with Wilhelm Künstler, Joe Miller, and Eddie Jo Miller. The exhibit will open for the First Friday Art Trail on Friday, January 7, 2010.

November 4, 2009, Wednesday.
           I am beginning to start putting images together for my exhibit in January. If I start printing, mounting, matting, and framing them now, maybe I can relax the week before the exhibit. Yes, I know I am dreaming. 
            I did get one of the Canon Rebel T1i cameras yesterday. I do like the results very much. Now I need to sell a couple of my older cameras
            I am preparing images such as the one at right to begin printing. The image at right is a portrait illuminated by a full moon.  I am still trying to schedule some more photography sessions for additional images for the exhibit. It is hard to believe it is only two months away!

Portrait with full moon.

October 5, 2009, Tuesday.
           I was able to work with a new model tonight. She did a very good job of modeling and I look forward to working with her again. She is also an artist so she knew how to pose. She has previously modeled for our life drawing group quite a bit but never while I was there. 
            Earlier this week I had three models scheduled for a sunset/full moon shoot but ended up with only one. It has been about 12 years since the first time I had photographed her. We got several images that I think will work well for my January exhibit. I may use one from our first sessions for the exhibit also. The clouds obliterated the moonrise and sunset, so we returned to Lubbock early.

Black and white photograph by Bill Mueller.

September 30, 2009, Wednesday.
           Last evening I was again able to work with one of my regular models. I have been working hard this week trying to get ready for January. To the right are some of the reject images for the exhibit. I have better ones that I don't want to show until the opening at the First Friday Art Trail (that will actually be on the second Friday due to New Years) at Hard TopsGallery in January. 
           Marguerite Krux informed me this past week that she has an exhibit in December, so it is doubtful that she will able to participate in the January exhibit. She sold out all of her artwork in the exhibit in September.  It will probably be just Joe and Eddie Jo Miller, Künstler, and myself. I think Mark is getting excited about Künstler being in the show. I wasn't able to make the opening when Künstler and I exhibited at the Planet Dada Gallery in England, but hopefully Künstler will make it back to Lubbock, to Gretchen's chagrin. Joe and Eddie Jo both do wonderful photography and we were all original members of the Caprock Photographers from years ago.
            I am looking forward, weather permitting to photographing last night's model on the caprock in November with the full moon. If the weather looks right, we might have to do a shoot before the full moon. I have photographed her a number of times but never on the caprock.....yet. 
            Gretchen will be back in country from England on Friday. We will be gearing up for our last big paleo push before deer season opens on the first Saturday in November and that will cut into my time for photography. We aren't worried about getting shot, we just do not wish to interfere with the hunters.
            Künstler emailed me and he is working on a number of new ceramic pieces. I think several will be pretty "kewl".  One of Künstler's molds, figured to the right, is one I was helping him with casting this summer. He said he was working on a number of new smaller pieces for the exhibit in January. 
Black and white image by Bill Mueller, Lubbock, Texas.

Black and white image by Bill Mueller, Lubbock, Texas.

Black and white image by Bill Mueller, Lubbock, Texas.

September 23, 2009, Wednesday.
       Tuesday night I was trying to get back on my normal schedule of work. You can see one of my images at right. My exhibit at the Hard Tops Gallery in January will be here before I know it. Künstler was in Lubbock last week and showed me the progress on Gretchen's new piece of jewelry and on his artwork for January. I have also invited Joe and Eddie Jo Miller to exhibit with us. Marguerite Krux may also join us, however she is going to have to produce more artwork after having sold out in at the last FFAT.
Tuesday night's model

July 31, 2009, Friday.
       Today I hung my images for the Hard TopsGallery Annual Photography exhibit on the First Friday Art Trail next Friday, August, 7. I hung a small sample of subjects and styles of my work. I am now gearing up to produce work for my exhibit January 8 in the gallery.
Black and White photograph by Bill Mueller, Lubbock, Texas

June 23, 2009, Tuesday.
       Tonight I got to work with a model that I haven't worked with since last year. She not only did a wonderful job modeling, she brought some wonderful food. I came up with a couple of photos that, with a little  refinement of the poses and lighting, I think will make some beautiful images. These images, along with some of her on the caprock, should make a nice addition to the portfolio I will exhibit next January at the Hartdtops Gallery.
      Künstler has been out-of-pocket for a while. He has finally resurfaced and we visited about the design for a pair of bracelets I want him to make. He has been working on the phytosaur design for a while and with the more liberal mounting, they should look "way kewl".
Black and white photograph by Bill Mueller, Lubbock, Texas.

June 2, 2009, Tuesday.
      I am finally getting time to get back to my normal schedule and to spend some time "working" on my art. Tonight I worked with the same model I have worked with the most this spring. To the right is one of the images I made. I am getting her personality and figure down to where the next sitting or so I expect to create some very nice images. I must get in gear creating images for the upcoming exhibit in January. 
Black and white photograph by Bill Mueller, Lubbock, Texas

May 10, 2009, Sunday.
      This spring has been so busy I have not had much time to work on my art. With the end of the semester, I have been able to get back in gear. I went down on the caprock and shot an image for the Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day. Tuesday I was able to work with a model for the second time. She struck some very nice poses and I am looking forward to working with her again. 
       I plan on gearing up to create some nice images for my exhibit at the Hard Tops Gallery in January.  I cannot remember a five month period when I worked less on my artwork than I have the past five months. That is changing and I am getting back on track. I have been so busy 
Künstler even been around much lately. He did come by today to discuss a pretty neat project that he is working on for the January exhibit. Künstler  also promised to have some of his ceramic pieces ready for the exhibit.
Black and white photo by Bill Mueller

March 29, 2009, Sunday.
      Tuesday was the first time I made it to the Tuesday Night Life Drawing Group this year. I have been very busy with Paleo, classes, and work and have not made time for art. The weather was warming up and I need to get started on my exhibit for next January.  Tuesday we had a new model who did a very good job modeling for us. Friday saw freezing rain and snow. Not too conducive to creating bodyscapes on the caprock!
       April 26 is the Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day. I have a model scheduled and will be gearing up for that also. I have images in the past three or four galleries. Last year's image is at right. K
ünstler has been working on his set-up for his pinhole image.
Pinhole photograph from the WWPPD, 2008.

January 23, 2009, Friday.
       Thursday my exhibit at 
Hard Topscame down. I was very pleased with all of the very positive feedback and comments. Now it is time to start getting ready for next January and a complete exhibit of new images. I have made several contacts for new models through the exhibit, so that will help. I am going to seriously gear up as soon as the weather warms up enough to photograph on the caprock again.
Photo from the FFAT exhibit

January 3, 2009, Saturday.
       Happy New Year and best wishes for a wonderful trip around the sun. I am very pleased with the attendance at last nights reception, a little over 400 people came through Hard Tops gallery. Mark Ruzika, LeAnne, and the rest of his staff were extremely gracious hosts as always. I would like to thank them very much for the privilege of exhibiting there and thank them for the invitation to be there again next January.
       There was a nice article in the Lubbock Avalanche Journal'sGo!magazine and featured me on the cover (see right) and a small spot on the front page! 
       I am already working on ideas for next year's exhibit. There were several images that I had planned for this year but didn't get completed but I will have them ready for 2010. 
       Happy New Year and may this our best trip around the sun ever Mein Liebchen.

Bill Mueller on the cover of the Lubbock Avalanche Journal's Go magazine

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