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Tuesday, August 9

           It was a nice group at TNLD tonight, not too crowded. I am slowly beginning to recover my drawing ability (see right), but I have a LONG way to go to get back to where I used to be. I finally was beginning to feel more comfortable drawing and my drawings showed it. Our model did a very good job. She has been working with us for almost a decade and now sometimes draws with the group when she isn’t modeling for us.

10 minute drawing during TNLD

Friday, August 5

           I didn’t make it to TNLD last week; however, I was able to attend the First Friday Art Tour on Friday. The TNLDs had an exhibit at the LHUCA Print Gallery. It was nice to see the large number of people visiting the exhibit. A couple of people viewing some of my drawings may be seen in the photo to the right. It was difficult to get images showing the artwork because it was so crowded most of the time.

People viewing artwork at the TNLD's FFAT exhibit.

Tuesday, July 26

           We had another good drawing session. Quite a bit of discussion on the up-coming group exhibit in the LHUCA complex for the First Friday Art Trail. To the right is one of my drawings from the session. I am slowly beginning to get back into the groove and drawing something more than stick figures. Not even close to my past abilities.
Drawing that will be in the August FFAT exhibit.

July 19, Tuesday.
          Delivered my artwork for the August exhibit. We had another full house for the Tuesday Night Life Drawing group.

July 12, Tuesday.
           Going through my drawings to select some for the upcoming Tuesday Night Life Drawers exhibit at LHUCA in August.

June 21, Tuesday.
           We had a crowd at TNLD. Enjoyed drawing a new model who did a very good job for her first time modeling. My drawing is coming back to me. Improved greatly since I rejoined the group. My drawing is still so far below what I could do previously it isn’t funny; however, I am improving and getting back into the groove. Hopefully it won’t take long until I regain enough technique to where I am not embarrassed by what I produce.

May 10, 2016.
            It was nice to get be able to return to the routine of attending the Tuesday Night Life Drawing group. We were at Angie's new studio for the first time. It was also the first time I had drawn our model. She did a very good job. I am so out of practice that I am not going to post one of my drawings at this time. Perhaps in the future when I get back in the groove.

Drawing from Tuesday Night Life Drawing
Quick drawing

April 26, 2016.
            It was nice to get back into my routine of drawing with the Tuesday Night Life Drawing group now that I have finished my dissertation. It was nice to work with a familiar model who did an excellent job posing.          I look forward to making this a regular activity again. The group began meeting and drawing in 1976. I went back and checked my notes and I began drawing with the group in 1988. In the late 1980s - early 1990s, I was in the Friday Morning Life Drawers, Friday Afternoon Life Drawers, and the Tuesday Night Life Drawers. I became fairly decent with my drawing. I did better than I expected since I had only drawn with the TNLDs three times in three years.

Woman modeling nude for Tuesday Night Life Drawing
TNLD model


April 7, 2016.
            I have finished my dissertation and am now Dr. Mueller, so I plan to get back to creating some of my artwork. It has been too long since I have had time to express my art. I made a mold of a young woman last year but haven't had time to work with the mold (see right). I started working on the final results last weekend. I should generate a couple of textile pieces and several ceramic pieces from the mold within the next six weeks.
            I have a model coming to Lubbock in a few weeks and will make a figure mold of her to make more sculptural pieces. I also look forward to get back into the routine of drawing with the Tuesday Night Life Drawing group.

Woman holding the nude torso mold I made of her
Torso mold

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